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You do not look on the signature matter?
Look what my life has been sold to you.
You really worthy of my love ah. Shen Jiangchun arms around him and gave him a big kiss.
You tamper with anything, you see, this circle is not round draw which Lu Yiwen handed her a signature, a flick of the word text pulling a long.
Shen Jiangchun took it, and said, you want to give me, I want Liugejinian the long flick I kiss out.
Well, cover seals give you. Lu Yiwen around her a long kiss.
Shen Jiangchun pushed him a little breathless, said: And to you.
Out of her bag and SAR BOC six cash checks, five and ten million yuan, a hundred million, said: 50 million to arrange their own use, if invested in the real estate business would be better, one million yuan married red envelope I gave my husband and milk.
Lu Yiwen took the check aside, Shen Jiangchun hug over so she sat on the thigh, say, one million yuan, not to be too greedy!
Shen Jiangchun writhing in his arms, he said, you do not, I personally handed over to Vicky.
Shen Jiangchun blush,mulberry sale, slipped down an envelope check, pick up a good contract, then asked: There are a couple of hours, looking for something to Dry?
Luyi Wen said: Your proposal,orange wedding dresses, I will fight.
Departure soon, Shenjiang Chun in the room, the name of the circle. She wore shorts casual clothing,mulberry handbags, exposed arm exposed thigh. Casual clothes to her curves obscured I saw of her aquiline breast and the uplift of the backward arm. With the pace of her pair Fengru waves,pandora uk. Lu Yiwen front of stopped and said: can not think you have a good idea?
I could not think.
Shen Jiangchun turn on the sound, soft music rang. Her arms around his neck, and said, dancing is the best! She put into his arms. Moving with the music, turning in nestle against each other to move the dance.
She felt a wave of electric shock grow numb feeling by the soles of the feet straight into the scalp. He kissed her face, and said softly, to give you one. Her red face to him.
Lu Yiwen lifted her into bed ...... they hugged, to enjoy each other to give the love and accept each other's dedication.
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