Download and install Roblox For Chromebook

Download and install Roblox For Chromebook

Download and install Roblox from the APK file

Pros: Even if your Chromebook doesn’t support the Play Store, you can still benefit from the Roblox Android app’s superior speed.
Cons: Because it relies on third-party software, it poses a security risk.
If you can’t access Google Play Store on your Chromebook, you can use the APK file to install the Android app.

To run Android APK files, you’ll need to install the Arc Welder browser extension.

  • Install the Arc Welder extension on your browser.
  • Arc Welder Browser Extension allows you to play Roblox on your Chromebook from an APK file.
  • APK file for Roblox may be downloaded here.
  • Roblox may be played on a Chromebook by downloading the APK file.
  • Start Arc Welder. Navigate to the folder where you saved the Roblox APK file by clicking Choose.
  • Select “Add your APK” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the APK file for Roblox. To install Roblox, click the Open button.
  • APK files are supported by different operating systems. It’s possible that you’ll have to try a few APK files before finding a satisfactory match.


Roblox is an addicting gaming platform that embraces the modern “prosumer” mentality. Users can also build and share games with other members of the community.

Roblox is not available out of the box on Chromebooks. However, you can play Roblox on Chromebooks using the methods described in this guide.

When your school Chromebook is blocked, how do you play Roblox?

If your school restricts Roblox on your Chromebook, you can play it using a reliable VPN provider. You can learn how to unblock your school Chromebook in our instructions (link to discord article)

Is it possible to play Roblox on any Chromebook?

The Google Play Store is supported by new Chromebooks (2017 and after), allowing you to play Roblox on them. For earlier Chromebooks, you should try our other methods, but they may not work on some models.

What Is The Reason For Roblox Being Blocked On Chromebooks?

Roblox is blocked by your school so that you may concentrate on your studies. Chromebooks are also portable devices that allow for quick browsing and schoolwork while on the go. As a result, the Roblox app for Chromebooks does not exist.

Why Isn’t Roblox Compatible With Chromebooks?

If you use an older version of Chrome OS or the Google Play Store, Roblox will not run on your Chromebook. Furthermore, the Roblox Android app is incompatible with Bluetooth mouse.

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